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So you have your beautiful front door bringing you joy; what about some greenery to take it to another level? The uplifting benefits of being around plants and nature are well documented. How good does it feel to have a vase of flowers in your home? Well, start that feeling at your front door by creating your own little oasis that you can enjoy and also share with anyone who passes. If you don't know what to plant, don't worry. We've put together a guide based on if you have a sunny or shady facing house. There's also info on space needed, pots options and aftercare so even if you just have a window ledge, you can create something special.  

Shade Loving plants 

Don't feel frustrated if you have a shady front of house. Think of it as an opportunity! There are a wealth of plants and flowers that will thrive. The trick is to not even bother with the ones that won't tolerate shade as it will be a disheartening waste of time and money. Pick carefully though, and you will have a riot of colour and texture.  

Boxwoods- Boxwoods prefer dappled or partial shade. You can grow them in pots as well as in the ground. They look great left to grow wild or trimmed into adorable shapes. What's not to love? 

boxwood 2.jpg

Hydrangeas- Our number 1 pick for shady florals. Great colours, long flowering period, easy to grow as a bush or in pots and window boxes. Plus, they can be dried for great flower arrangements. 

hydrangea text.jpg
hydrangeas in window box.jpg
sanding kitchen cabinet for painting.jpg
sanding holes in cabinet doors.jpg

Ferns- Incredible variety in colour, shape and size. Not only are Ferns perennial, love shady conditions, can thrive in pots AND the ground, they also have foliage all year round. Perfect!

fern pots for front porch 2 name.jpg
fern pots for front porch.jpg

Fuchsia- Due for a revival we think! Burst of bold colourful blooms that love the shade. There are thousands of colours choices. While we're at it, lets bring back the hanging basket too! 

fuchsia text.jpg
fuchschia in basket.jpg

Ivy- Finding a shade loving climber is tricky but a non invasive Ivy is a romantic option to soften an exterior. This evergreen plant with distinctive leaves also works great as a filler in a window box or pot. 

ivy plant box front door.jpg
ivy front of house.jpg

Foxgloves- Foxgloves give serious cottage vibes. Most varieties are biennial meaning they grow foliage year 1and then flower in year 2, so be patient - it'll be worth it! They love dappled shade and require very little care. 

foxgloves 2 text.jpg
foxglove 2.jpg

False Goatsbeard- Also known as Astilbe, these hardy plants loves damp ground and the feathery plums will flower year after year. Most types are accepting of full shade but a touch of sun will help bring out the flowers. 

false goatsbeard text.jpg
false goatsbeard 2.jpg

Sun Loving Plants 

If you have a entrance that gets a lot of sun and soil that can easily dry out, you need to choose plants that will thrives in these conditions - and there are plenty to choose from. Plants have evolved various ways of coping with hot, dry conditions. Leaves can give you a big clue: if they’re spiky, strappy, silvery, furry, waxy, scented or needle-like then the plant is likely to enjoying growing in full sun

Bay Tree - A popular evergreen shrub suitable for containers or growing in the ground. Neatly clipped, the dark-green foliage can create a stunning formal look, but kept wild in shape, they have a more relaxed feel. Plus, you an use the leaves in cooking! 

bay leaf tree text.jpg
bay tree relaxed.jpg

Dublin Bay Rose - This small climbing rose offers dark green foliage and bright crimson flowers that grow in compact abundance in full sun conditions. We love this rose for its mid spring to mid Autumn flowering, giving gorgeous colour for many months. 

Dublin Bay Rose text.jpg
dublin bay 2.jpg

Petunias - A vibrant mass of colourful summer blooms, Petunia's are versatile, ideal for different types of pot or hanging basket as well as in the ground. Another flower that has fallen out of favour over the years, we think it deserves some love! 

Petunias text.jpg
petunia pot.jpg

Lavender - Such an evocative plant. From the heavenly scent, bee friendly flowers, abundance of pastel lilac colour and country cottage vibe, there's not a good reason to *not* to choose Lavender for a sunny garden. Pot, window box or border - take your pick! 

lavender text.jpg
lavander path.jpg

Wild Flowers - The relaxed beauty of wild flowers has become increasingly popular. These floral mixes are a magnet for wildlife - thinks bugs, bees and butterflies, so they are a great way to support the natural order of your area. We love a scattering on a living roof!

Wildflower mix text.jpg
wildflower bin.jpg

Dahlia's -  With showy blooms in a range of colours, sizes and shapes, dahlias light up sunny borders through summer and into late autumn. They suit most garden styles, from tropical to cottage borders, and smaller types can be grown in containers. 

Dahlia text.jpg
dahlias pots.jpg

Shasta Daisies - Are daisies the friendliest flower? Maybe so, and that makes them perfect to welcome people to your home! Shasta daisies are beautiful, perennial daisies that produce 3 inch (8 cm.) wide white flowers. If you treat them right, they should bloom abundantly all summer long. 

Shasta Daisies text.jpg
Shasta Daisies front.jpg
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