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Finishes & Aftercare

We give you five fabulous finishes to choose from.  See below for close up pictures and a guide on how to care for your hardware. 

Front Door Hardware Finishes 

Our Front Door Hardware range is all hand cast from solid recycled brass. We do not lacquer our pieces, so they can be easily cared for and maintained.



Unlacquered brass is natural raw brass with no coating that will develop a beautiful unique patina with age and exposure to the elements and touch. There is very little aftercare required but to sit back and enjoy it but if you wish to, you can restore your original colour with a suitable brass polish.

POlished nickel .jpg


Our polished nickel hardware  starts life as solid brass and we add layer of Nickel plating so it will never rust and requires minimal aftercare. You can maintain your bright nickel finish by occasionally wiping with a damp soft cloth and mild soapy water. 

Polished brass.jpg


A polished brass is unlacquered solid brass buffed to a shiny finish. The natural brass is will darken slightly over time but can be restored using a suitable brass cleaner and a soft cloth  if you prefer. Polished brass has great character and classic authenticity . 

Matt nickel.jpg


Matt Nickel has a warm and tactile aesthetic. Our hardware is always solid brass and exceptionally durable. Dirt and pollution can build up over time so we advise cleaning regularly with soapy water, a soft cloth or a suitable metal cleaner.  



We powder coat our solid brass pieces in a satin black to give a velvety and super durable finish. By choosing a non corrosive solid brass base, it means that your piece will not rust or degrade from the inside out like many cheaper metals. Just a gorgeous, striking piece for your door. 

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