Frequently asked questions


What finishes do you offer?

All our door knockers and house numbers are available in 4 finishes. Unlaquered Brass, Polished Brass, Matt Nickel and Polished Nickel. Please see our guide to colour and finishes here

What size are your door knockers and house numbers?

They vary in size. You can find all dimensions on the shop pages under the 'product details' section

What are your door knockers and house numbers made from?

Our knockers and numbers are cast in solid, recycled brass. Our Nickel finishes are also cast in solid brass but then coated in a layer of nickel plating. For more information on our finishes see here. For more information on our enviromental pledge see here.

Do you do commissions?

Currently we don't offer one off commisions but if we will always keep subscribers and social media followers updated if this changes. You can always contact us at contact@gipshillhardware


How to I install my door knocker

For a clean front finish and extra security, our door knockers attach through your door using supplied threaded bolts with decorative bolt caps that fit any standard doors. A template to aid easy installation is included See here for further details.

What kind of door can the door knockers be installed on?

Our door knockers are suitable for all wooden doors as well as on uPVC or composite doors, however we do recommend that you check with the manufacturer of your door if you are uncertain.

What surfaces can I install house numbers on?

House numbers can be installed on walls or on doors. They can also be mounted flush or floating. There are separate fitting instructions for both methods and we provide a easy to use template to aid installation. See our installtion page for more details

How do I install my house number?

Our house numbers can installed flush or with a floating mount. We provide all the fittings for both methods and a easy to follow template. See our installation guide for more details

What equipment will I need to install?

Yes. we give full details of equipment required for intalling your door knocker and house number on our installation page. See here for more details.

Do all fittings come included for my door knocker or house number

Yes we supply all necessary fittings to attach your door knocker or house number. See here for further installation details.

How do I care for my door knocker and house number?

We use brass for our knockers and house nnumbers due to the enduring beauty of the metal, excellent durability and ability to withstand exposure to weather. Due to this they require minimal aftercare. We have specific care instruction for each of our finishes on our aftercare page. See more details here.

Payments & Deliveries

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment made by Paypal, Visa, MasterCard and Visa Debit.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. For full details, countries and prices, please see our delivery and returns page.

Is postage included with orders?

We offer free postage on UK orders over £150. For all other postage costs, please refer see our Delivery page

How long will it take for me to get my item?

Our pieces are all handmade in small batcches using traditional casting techniques. Please allow 15-30 days for delivery of your piece. If there are any delays we will advise you immediately.

What is your returns policy?

Items may be returned for a full refund within 14 days of receiving your order. Please see more details here

Eco & Sustainability

Are your products sustainable?

We're happy to say that all our products are made from recycled brass and therefore an extremley sustainable option for your house. For more information please see our Eco Pledge

Where are your door knockers and house numbers made?

All our pieces are hand cast and hand finsihed in UK foundry's, supporting Britains age old manufacturing industries and Artisans and avoiding the enviromental cost of shipping in from arounnd the world. For more information please see our Eco Pledge

Is your packaging recyclyable?

Our packaging is 100% full recyclable or biodegradable. For more information please see our Eco Pledge