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Eco Pledge

Always striving to be better

At gipsy hill hardware we consider the impact of the decisions we make on the environment and on future generations. This simple approach impacts all areas of our business; our products, our materials, our partners, and the customer experience we wish to offer. We hold ourselves accountable, continually strive to do better and want to have a positive impact on the planet and people living on it.

Waste Not, Want Not

We believe in the slow, conscious buying of high quality, beautifully designed pieces with longevity, that are crafted sustainably.

Reuse & Recycle 

Did you know that brass can be infinitely recycled? We believe that no new brass should be mined so all our hardware products are made using recycled brass. We use brass for its beauty but also for its durability and resilience, making it the perfect choice.

 Great Britain

We support traditional age-old techniques executed by skilled craftsmen in the UK.  By supporting these small-scale casting industries, we believe that we ensure we, not only, don’t lose an important part of our country’s identity and avoid the environmental impact of transporting goods around the globe but also that we produce a superior quality product.   

Small batch manufacturing

By producing with small scale makers in small batches we are championing a low-waste approach to manufacturing. By producing just what we need, we avoid excess and the impact of it on the planet. 


Go Green! 

Our product packaging has been carefully chosen to ensure it is fully recyclable or biodegradable.

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