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Joyful - That sums up orange. Warm, vibrant and spanning a variety of welcoming shades, orange is guaranteed to bring joy to your door. 

With a spectrum stretching from zesty, citrus hues through to calming, softer tones, orange can be used to evoke a variety of different moods and looks from contemporary and energizing to cozy and soothing. Becoming increasingly popular, its a powerful colour choice and a brilliant way to breathe life and vitality into your home - so why not start with your front door? Here's our round up of our favourite oranges.  


This one is definitely juicy! Bold, with a hint of red and a deep luxurious pigmented colour, Marigold is going to make your door pop and lift your spirits on even the dullest day. We love how nickel hardware looks against Marigold, particularly the matt finish with offers low key luxe on top of such a formidable coloured door. 


marigold orange front door.jpg

Our Favourite Marigold Paints

Charlottes lock.jpg
FTT 010 mylands.jpg
Outre orange valspar.jpg

Charlottes Lock by 

Farrow & Ball 

FTT-010 by Mylands 

Outre by Valspar 

Blood Orange

A deep red/orange that combines zestiness and richness in one juicy splash of colour. If a super bold orange feels a touch too much for you, consider this as a mellower alternative.  Its a happy colour, evoking sultry summer sunsets and holiday cocktails. Use it for your door and get that uplifting vibe all year round. It looks incredible teamed with polished brass hardware.  

blood orange front door new.jpg

Our Favourite Blood Orange Paints

indian lake mylands.jpg
high voltage valspar.jpg
orange auroa little greene.jpg

Tuscan Hills by Valspar 

High Voltage by Valspar 

Orange Aurora by 

Little Greene 


We've seen the interior trend for Terracotta grow and grow over the past few years and we think its time to take it to your front door! Earthy, soft and warming; this pinky dusty orange is super easy to live with as it creates a gentle and pretty vibe. Another plus is that it works well with all hardware finishes.  

Terracotta orange front door new.jpg

Our Favourite Terracotta Paints

tuscan red little greene.jpg
brick edward bulmer.jpg
red sand heritage.jpg

Tuscan Red by 

Little Greene 

Brick by 

Edward Bulmer 

Red Sand by Heritage 


This energizing shade is spicy (of course) but it also has an organic, desert sand feel to it that makes it much more useable and understated than you would think. It's a great alternative to a classic red. It feels stately and grand without looking old fashioned. Brass hardware will highlight the richness of this colour.   

Paprika orange front door new.jpg

Our Favourite Paprika Paints

bronze red little greene.jpg

Bronze Red by

Little Greene 

heat little greene.jpg

Heat by Little Greene 

incarnadine by farrow and ball.jpg

Mid Azure Green 

by Little Greene 


The mixing of orange and pink on a clean white base creates a supremely useable and pretty fresh colour. We love it as a twist on pink and feel it can be a great middle ground if there is debate in your household about having a pink front door! It works brilliantly on red brick houses and nickel, brass and black hardware all suit this shade.    

Coral orange front door new.jpg

Our Favourite Coral Paints

coral pink herritage.jpg
coral orange mylands.jpg
twilight afterglow.jpg

Coral Pink by Heritage 

FTT-012 by Mylands 

Twilight Afterglow by 


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