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Pink front doors are having a MAJOR design moment. We'll take you through all the key shades to find your perfect pink match  

Did you know that the #pinkdoor is the most searched door colour hashtag on TikTok by a looooong way!

Pink doors are definitely having a moment and its time to leave your preconceptions of pink being a 'girlie' colour  at the door. Depending on the shade, pink can be elegant, neutral, sultry, subtle or playful so whatever your vibe, there's a pink for you! See all the key pink shades in our video and more details below:  

Candy Floss 

Soft and fresh, Candy Floss is a subtle elegant shade for your door. Green looks amazing against this pink so if you have green fingers and lots of lovely planting around your door, this is a particularly good choice. In our opinion, this shade is almost a neutral! Brass, nickel or black hardware all look incredible against it. 


Candy floss Pink front door with swallow door knocker.jpg

Our Favourite Candy Floss Paints

good home hyogo.jpg
floris mylands .jpg
yes colour freindly pink .jpg

Hyogo by Good Home 

Floris by Mylands 

Friendly Pink by Yes 

Coral Pink 

When a pink is not a pink! Coral is warm and spicy and has been a slow burning interior trend colour over the past few years since Pantone named it 'Colour of the Year ' in 2019. Its warm and welcoming and we find it works particularly well against a red brick house. An easy sell for a 'pink reluctant' partner we think! 

Coral Pink front door with nickel amphibia frog door knocker.jpg

Our Favourite Coral Pink Paints

coral pink heritage.jpg
FTT-005 Mylands.jpg
tempt me valspar .jpg

Coral Pink by 


FTT-005 by Mylands 

Tempt Me by Valspar 

Lipstick Pink 

Be bold and playful with a Lipstick Pink front door. This vibrant mid pink is great for anyone who loves their interiors (and exteriors) punchy and fun. The slight purple/blue undertones make Nickel hardware finishes the perfect partner. You can guarantee that your door will be the talk of the street.  

Lipstick Pink front door with nickel rope bow door knocker.jpg

Our Favourite Lipstick Pink Paints

bee balm valspar.jpg
fired earth magenta.jpg
mischief by little greene.jpg

Bee Balm by Valspar 

Magenta Oaks by Fired Earth

Mischief by Little Greene 

Dusty Pink 

Keep your pink elegant and chic with a soft grey toned shade. Super easy and subtle, it is a great choice to ease into adding colour to your exterior. The dusty undertones of this pink are calming and the cool shade works great with nickel and black hardware.   

Dusty Pink front door with black knock knock door knocker.jpg

Our Favourite Dusty Pink Paints

grey berry .jpg
calamine f&b.jpg
edward bulmer isabella.jpg

Grey Berry by Valspar 

Calamine by Farrow & Ball 

Isabella by Edward Bulmer

Beetroot Pink 

With deeper, darker ruby tones, beetroot is a luxurious and sultry choice. This jewel shade has a elegant and grown up vibe and a great alternative to navy and dark green, offering the same gravitas but with a fresh new feel.  The rich, warm undertones look fantastic when paired with brass hardware.     

Beetroot Pink front door with padlock heart door knocker no text.jpg

Our Favourite Beetroot Pink Paints

ruby petals .jpg
lake red farrow and ball.jpg

FTT-006 by Mylands  

Ruby Petals by Valspar 

Lake Red by Farrow & Ball 

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