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A question we get asked again and again is about what door colours go with which brick colours. While we don't believe in any hard right or wrongs when it comes to choosing your door colour, we wanted to give some guidance on considering your brick colour in your decision, as there is some science behind it! Don't give in to boring black as there WILL be the perfect colour for your home that will bring you joy every day. 

Red Brick 

Red bricks can feel overwhelming as its a lot of a bold colour to work with. The complimentary colour of red is green so all shades of greens are a great place to start when choosing a colour. Try mints, aqua, sage and teal. A pastel shade gives great contrast while taking the moody teal onto the frames feel very new.   


Not your vibe? How about a punchy pink? We love the combination of pink and red. Try a bold lipstick pink or a pale pretty pastel pink - both make a great statement.  

sanding kitchen cabinet for painting.jpg
sanding holes in cabinet doors.jpg

Yellow Brick 

Whether your home is light yellow stone or full on yellow brick, we love lilacs, mauve and purple shades to bring out the beauty of the exterior. Don't be scared of the purple family! As the complimentary shade to yellow, there are many subtle levels of purple that will work with your brick. From dusty greyed off mauves and pretty pastel  lilacs, all the way through to rich juicy royal purple; there will be a perfect tone for your home.   


Another option? Choosing a colour with a yellow undertone is a great option for a harmonious pairing. These olive greens give a super sophisticated look. 

olive green door _edited.jpg

Grey Brick 

Grey technically isn't a colour so it doesn't have a complimentary colour! However, there are a couple of shades that are a match made in grey heaven. Our favourite's is pink. There is something about the juxtaposition of warm pretty pink and cool masculine grey that feels so very right. Its a great option with grey brick but also grey painted render or wood sided homes


Passing on pink? Being a neutral colour means that a wide array of colours will 'work' with grey. Our second choice is a bold yellow - a joyful counter to sombre grey.

yeloow front door.JPG

Brown Brick 

Lots of people get stumped when faced with brown brick and we understand why - its not a colour that we are used to matching in day to day life. Looking to the opposite side of the colour wheel offers an insight into where to start; blues and greeny blues are complimentary colours to brown and would be our top suggestions. If you're brown brick is very dark, a lighter shade will provide some needed contrast.  

brown brick blue front door.webp
6 copy.jpg

Feeling Groovy? If blue's aren't for you then we highly recommend orange. They knew what they were doing in the 70's - brown and orange are a great combination!    

orange brown.jpg
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