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From restful to punchy, fresh to soothing but always with an organic undertone, there's a green shade to suit your vibe and your door. 

Green has infinite number of shade variations; pale pastels to dark and moody hues. Green automatically conjures a feeling of restfulness and nature, making it super easy to live with as well as a perfect match for red brick houses (a topic that we get asked about a lot!). With so many tones to choose from, we've rounded up our favourite new greens for your door.   


Looking for something a bit different? Look no further than Spearmint Green. Cool and Fresh, this mid minty green has a hint of icy blue. While it has natural origins, it feels energetic and new. An original choice that looks stunning with unlacquered brass hardware. 


spearmint door colour with rounded heart.jpg

Our Favourite Spearmint Paints

heritage grass green.jpg
refreshemnt stand by valspar.jpg
green 17 by lick.jpg

Grass Green by Herritage

Refreshment Stand 

by Valspar 

Green 17 by Lick 


Sophisticated with an earthy richness, Olive has warm yellow undertones and a touch of black. We rate it as an alternative to black and navy, where it provides a classic look but with a more modern vibe. It works well with both yellow and red brick homes. Brass hardware picks up those yellow undertones making for a perfect match.  

olive green door colour with knock knock knocker.jpg

Our Favourite Olive Paints

tuscan hills valspar.jpg
olive farrow and ball.jpg
brunswick green edward bulmer.jpg

Tuscan Hills by Valspar 

Olive by Farrow & Ball 

Brunswick Green by 

Edward Bulmer 

Tea Green 

Subtle and refreshing, just like a cup of green tea! We love this pale lemon toned green. If you like sage but are looking for something cleaner and more original, this is the colour for you. Brass, Nickel and Black hardware all work well with this fresh feeling green. 

tea green door colour with padlock heart door knocker.jpg

Our Favourite Green Tea Paints

french green mylands.jpg
green 12 lick.jpg
fresh green YES.jpg

French Green by 


Green 12 by Lick 

Fresh Green by Yes Colours 


Luxurious and expensive - that's the mood that Mallard green projects! This super dark, jewel toned shade is understated but reveals its true richness and complexity of colour when the light shines on it. Pretty special and great if you want a door that quietly grabs attention. We think brass hardware is a great match to this mysterious green.  

mallard door colour with amphibia frog knocker.jpg

Our Favourite Mallard Paints

mallard by herritage.jpg

Mallard Green by Heritage

devonshire green.jpg

Devonshire Green 

by Valspar 

mid azure green .jpg

Mid Azure Green 

by Little Greene 


A vibrant blue/green, Jade is a green that is very versatile, easy to use and pairs perfectly with polished brass hardware. This shade of green is a perfect mix between bold and subtle, cool and warm, classic and new; Commanding but a little bit playful.  

Jade green door colour with swallow door knocker.jpg

Our Favourite Jade Paints

Picturesque valspar.jpg
ftt-012 by mylands.jpg
verdigiris farrow and ball.jpg

Picturesque by


FTT-012 by Mylands 

Verdigris by

Farrow  & Ball  

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