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Fan Letterbox

Please note that this item is a letterplate only - letter tidy is not included.

Installing a letterbox/letterplate requires some specialist tools and a competent level of DIY ability. If in doubt, we advise getting a professional to install. 


Overall Dimensions: Width: 29.5cm  Height: 11.5cm

Opening rectangle required: Width: 24cm Height: 7cm 

Distance between drill holes: 26cm

post overall new bigger.jpg
post bigger back.jpg


1. Decide desired position and draw a vertical and a horizontal line from the centre point.  

2. Use the template provided and line up with the RED centre lines on the template. 

3. Use a pencil to clearly mark the 4 corners of the opening rectangle and the 2 drill holes. Join the corners of the rectangle with a pencil and ruler  

4. Cut out the rectangle opening with a jigsaw. Keep the saw level . 

5. Drill the 2 bolt holes using a 6M drill bit. Ensure they are level. 

6. Drill the lug holes using a 15mm flat wood drill bit. Drill lug holes 15.20mm deep ONLY.

7. To fit the letterplate, screw the 2 threaded bolts into the lugs  and push through bolt/lug holes. The lugs should sit comfortably in the holes and the letterplate flat to the door. If not, you may need to slightly adjust the opening rectangle, bolt or lug holes until it does. 

8. Secure the letterplate on the inside of your door with the supplied bolt caps. You may need to cut the bolts to the correct width for your door. 

Please note: Depending on the thickness of your door, you may need to cut your bolts to the correct length.

WE PROVIDE: Door Knocker and striking plate, Template for easy installation, 2x 6cm threaded bolts, 2x decorative bolt caps 

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: A drill and suitable drill bit to make a hole for a 6M (6mm diameter) bolt


Download the template & instructions here

Ensure you print out A4 with no scaling 

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